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Kawaii Plush Pouches

Posted on March 30, 2023 by

I love cute pouches for keeping things organised in my bag when traveling, and buying plush pouches is always easier to justify over a full size plushie. If you love them too, here’s some cute ones from artists and small businesses.

kawaii drawstring pouch

Noodoll (UK) have turned some of their characters into drawstring pouches and they couldn’t be sweeter! There’s 6 different fluffy and colourful fruits to choose from with lots of space inside.

kawaii cat plush coin purse

Helen Bucher (EU) makes the cutest stickers and now there’s a Neko Pan coin purse too. You can fit all your cash inside and there’s a clip for your bag or keys.

kawaii frog plush pouch

If our recent frog post wasn’t enough frogs for you, here’s a froggy pouch by HappyLilBear (US) with starry eyes and heart-shaped cheeks! It’s big enough for your phone and there’s also plenty more frogs in the shop.

kawaii frog onigiri plush coin purse

Or how about a Fronigiri? I do love an onigiri-shaped pouch and this one by Niniwanted (EU) is perfect for your coins or Airpods.

kawaii whale plush coin purse

Walking Whales Studio (UK) also have an onigiri pouch but it’s in the shape of a very round whale who’s holding one. There’s lots more whales in the shop too including stickers, pins and socks.

kawaii dumpling plush pouch

If you prefer dumplings, Cafe De Yume (CAN) has an adorable Bao Buddy accessories case that’s a great size for your bag or pocket. There’s also a larger version that’s big enough for a Nintendo Switch.

kawaii bread plush coin purse

Keep things safe inside some sleepy bread! This is Mr. Little Bread Slice by Champu Chinito (MX) and there’s 3 colours of lining and keychain to choose from so you can match your bag.

kawaii cat plush bag

This Long Cat (and matching Long Bear) from Ugly Plants (US) is more of a bag than a pouch really but it was too cute to leave out. With fluffy pastel fur, zipper closure and adjustable strap, you can bring this everywhere.

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