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Cute Goats To Buy & DIY

Posted on January 10, 2023 by

Continuing with my attempt to feature some less commonly kawaii animals, here are some of my favourite very cute goat picks.

cute goat stickers

These cosy goat stickers from little art child (UK) are so adorable! I love their little faces and their starry jumpers.

Sylvanian Families goats

If you like nostalgic cuteness, you’ll love the goat family from Sylvanian Families (UK) / Calico Critters (US) The baby goat is my favourite!

cute goat free amigurumi crochet pattern

If you’d like to make your own cute goat, this free amigurumi crochet pattern by anvisgranny is perfect.

cute goat card

Puns and kawaii art are an awesome combination. The ‘you goat this’ card from bluelybooshop (UK) would be a lovely gift. The goat’s little tongue is beyond cute!

cute goat enamel pin

This starry goat enamel pin from SKOPFLIN (EU) is part of their ‘Forgotten Ones’ series, in memory of all the victims of factory farming. Please check out the rest of the collection, they are truly beautiful.

cute goat plush

While there are some places you can go to cuddle real goats, Aurora (UK) has this Pickles the goat plush which may be a little more possible. It looks very soft.

Watch on YouTube

Finally, Creative Rachy on Youtube, has a tutorial to make your own kawaii polymer clay goat. All the tiny details are so impressive.

If you would like to see some real goats, perhaps see if there are any farms you can visit near you.

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