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Cute Characters: Kawaii Ghosts

Posted on October 28, 2022 by

This is part of a series of posts where we’ll (re-) introduce you to a themed set of cute characters and where to buy products that feature them. This time, some kawaii ghosts for Halloween and beyond.

Obake (Sumikko Gurashi)

sumikko gurashi ghost obake

Obake is a rare type of ghost character that doesn’t just get the spotlight at Halloween. While not part of the main gang, Obake (ghost in Japanese) has been a regular side character since quite early on. Unlike most ghosts, Obake doesn’t like to scare people so stays quiet in the attic and enjoys cleaning, usually wearing their trademark apron.

sumikko gurashi ghost obake
Plush set at San-X / Stickers at
Face towel at ARTBOX / Glow in the dark plush at Very Goods

Obake is usually somewhere in every Sumikko Gurashi collection and you can find them at lots of stores worldwide including San-X (JP – requires forwarding service), VeryGoods (JP), ARTBOX (UK), Cuteness (EU) and JapanLA (US). The Sumikko Gurashi website also has a few free wallpapers to choose from.



Gengar (Gangar in Japanese) is actually a dual ghost/poison type Pokemon but he’s also one of the first generation and still super popular, thanks to his mischievous personality and huge grin. He also now has 2 further evolutions, Mega Gengar and Gigantamax Gengar!

where to buy Gengar plush
Beanbag Plush at Plaza Japan / Gengar & Pikachu Figure at Japan Stuffs
Fairy Tale Pouch at Pokemon Center Japan / Beanie hat at Pokemon Center US

Pokemon is widely available worldwide but you’ll find all the best Gengar products at the Pokemon Center (US/UK/JP). Anything you can’t find in your area can usually be ordered from JapanStuffs (JP) or Plaza Japan (JP).

Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Zero The Nightmare Before Christmas

I admit it’s been a while since I last watched The Nightmare Before Christmas but I know a lot of you are fans. Zero is Jack Skellington’s ghost-dog and has a glowing pumpkin nose. As well as the movie he also stars in his own comic series, Zero’s Journey.

Zero The Nightmare Before Christmas
Loungefly backpack at Pop Figures / Light-up plush at Kidrobot
Phone case at Skinnydip / Mood light at Box Lunch

As part of the Disney family, you can find Zero at the Disney Store (UK/US) as well as all kinds of pop culture merch shops. There’s a good range of stuff at Hot Topic (US), Box Lunch (US), Kidrobot (US) and Truffle Shuffle (UK).

Spooky McCute

Spooky McCute KiraKira Doodles

My favourite kawaii artist-designed ghost character has to be Spooky McCute, by the sadly-missed Kira Kira Doodles. Spooky is a very friendly ghost who loves candy, cosplay and cuddles!

Spooky McCute kawaii ghost
All items from the KiraKira Doodles shop

The Kira Kira Doodles shop (US) has been kept open by Kira’s family so you still pick up lots of ghostly goodies including plush, stickers, pouches, t-shirt and pin.

Who’s your favourite of these kawaii ghosts? We’ll have a poll on Twitter & Instagram later today. If you voted in the Duos polls, my Melody & Kuromi won both.

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