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Kawaii Videos Roundup

Posted on September 16, 2022 by

Hello from my holiday on slow wifi in a remote part of Scotland! Unfortunately, some planned posts fell through so I’ve picked a few fun and kawaii videos from the last couple of months to fill the gap.

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The Japanese Hello Kitty channel visited to the Hello Kitty room at Asakusa Tobu Hotel and it all looks very cute!

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If you can’t get to the Sailor Moon Museum in Tokyo in person, TDR Explorer has a long video covering everything, including the shop and cafe.

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And RainbowholicTV has all things Ghibli with a visit to the Ghibli Museum and a Spirited Away exhibit, plus Totoro cream puffs.

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Get into the spooky spirit by watching Tiny Craft World make a magic emporium dollhouse kit. There’s so many cute little details.

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If you enjoyed Emma’s cute character food post earlier this week, RoxStarBakes made a Pusheen Pumpkin cake that is far too kawaii to eat.

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There’s been a lot of exciting announcements from Nintendo recently but I was especially excited to see a new trailer for Mineko’s Night Market (which will be on Steam too). Everything looks adorable and you get to pet a lot of cats!

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