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Where To Find Free Kawaii Wallpapers

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It’s been ages since we did a round up of free wallpapers for your phone, tablet or laptop so here’s some places to check regularly for kawaii characters and cute artist designs.

free kawaii wallpapers - Rilakkuma sumikko gurashi

San-X release free wallpapers for every new product theme so that’s usually once a month for big name characters like Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi and every few months for the others. They all include 2 sizes/designs for phones and computers and there’s a huge archive of older designs available too.

free kawaii wallpapers - sanrio

The Character Goodies page on the Sanrio US website is updated fairly often with new wallpapers that feature all the popular characters. There’s a mix of patterns, individual characters, calendars and seasonal designs and they’re a nice size that works for both phones and tablets.

free kawaii wallpapers - molang

Molang adds new free wallpapers regularly to keep up with all the latest pop culture trends and holidays. You’ll find Molang’s take on popular anime, gaming and TV shows plus all the zodiac signs and a whole load of Pride flag colours. Some are mobile only while others have a desktop size too.

free kawaii wallpapers - pusheen

It’s also worth following kawaii characters and brands on Instagram as many post wallpapers in their Stories that you can screenshot for your phone. Pusheen has Wonderful Wednesdays and there’s lots of seasonal and themed designs saved in the story highlight.

free kawaii wallpapers - sanrio

Hello Kitty EU’s official Instagram regularly share Sanrio wallpapers and save them in the story highlight. You’ll find plenty of motivational and self care mottos as well as seasonal and holiday designs.

Kawaii artists also share wallpapers but you usually need to support them a little in return with a Patreon pledge, Ko-Fi donation or mailing list signup. It’s a nice thing to do anyway as creating art takes time and effort and you’ll help them be able to share more things. Here’s some places to browse and find artists you love:

If you have a favourite artist who shares wallpapers, please do promote them in the comments. You can also find more in our Free Wallpapers category.

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