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I’ve always been interested in mythologies, especially Ancient Greek myths. I love learning the stories, and the art that’s survived is beautiful. Seeing so many different depictions of the different gods is amazing, especially as artists still take inspiration from them today.

Greek Goddess stickers

Naomi Lord Art (UK) has so many kawaii stickers, including two sets of Goddess stickers. She has stickers of gods from different pantheons too, like Ancient Egyptian.

artemis moth enamel pin

The Moonborn (US) has an entire ‘Olympus collection’, featuring moth designs inspired by different Greek gods. I especially like this Artemis moth enamel pin, I think it represents Artemis really well, the tiny antlers are especially impressive!

chibi gods crochet pattern

If you’d like to make your own god icons, this chibi gods crochet pattern from Fantasy Sprite Studio is perfect. it has patterns for Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Persephone and Medusa, though you could combine different parts to make different gods. I made Persephone from it a while ago, and can confirm that the pattern is super helpful and well-formatted.

Percy Jackson phone charms

The Percy Jackson books were so important to me as a kid! They’re a great way to start getting into Greek mythology if you’re interested. I love these Percy Jackson phone charms from SkylarkxM (EU), especially the Thalia one.

Mount Olympus paper toy

This Mount Olympus paper toy from pukaca (EU) looks super fun! I really like the tiny underworld, and especially Cerberus.

Lore Olympus bracelet set

Have you heard of Lore Olympus? It’s a webcomic inspired by Persephone and Hades. Hot Topic (US) has lots of merch for the series, including this bracelet set, which has charms featuring Rachel Smythe’s gorgeous art.

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    hi sooooooooooooooo this post was somewhat disturbing cuz I’m a Muslim… I believe in one god that shouldn’t be represented in any way so seeing all this kinda hurt me, I don’t know if anyone would care or anything but if you uploaded a Muslim artist post soon id really appreciate it, and ill tell all my friends about you guys,
    love you, Choco

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