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Cute Moths To Buy & DIY

Posted on August 16, 2022 by

It’s very hot where I live at the moment, so there’s lots more bugs than usual. I’ve been seeing so many moths at nighttime, which is awesome because moths are one of my favourite insects! Here are some moth patterns and picks that I’ve recently saved in my Etsy favourites.

cute moth crochet pattern

Lalylala (EU) has lots of insect patterns, enough to fill an entire book! This Hawkmoth amigurumi pattern isn’t in the book, but it is my absolute favourite of all their patterns. I especially love the tiny skull detailing on the wings.

cute moth sticker

This poodle moth sticker from Drix Productions (UK) is not only very cute, but holographic too! Did you know that only one poodle moth has been found, back in 2009, so whether or not they’re real is up for debate?

mothman stickers

On the topic of not necessarily real moths, have you heard of Mothman? Mothman is a cryptid local to West Virginia, and even has his own festival! I really like this mothman terrarium sticker from Eldritch Rach (UK). Do you think Mothman is real, and if so, would he like plants?

cute moths washi tape

This moths and wildflowers washi tape from The Moonborn (US) features cute art and happy, summery colours. I think I like the green moth design best, what about you?

pronoun pins

This custom pronoun pin from Muggins Northeast (UK) gives you the option of multiple moth, and other cottagecore, designs. You also choose which background colours, and of course which pronouns. The mushroom fairies are so cute!

moth felt sewing pattern

If you want to make your own moths, this moth wings sewing pattern from littledear is perfect! It features pattern pieces and instructions, and you can turn them into lots of different items. What about a moth crown?

cute moth art print

My favourite type of moth is the rosy maple moth, though as they are native to North America I don’t think I’ll be seeing a real one any time soon. This rosy maple moth witch print from Ash Ricketts Studio (UK) might be a good alternative until then. I’m tempted to dye my hair like that now!

Do you have a favourite moth?

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    August 16, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    Love moths, second only to Bees for me, and a huge fan of Mothman, I’ll have to save that sticker.

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