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Re-Ment Miniatures Round Up #3

Posted on July 21, 2022 by

It’s always a good time to look at cute new Re-Ment miniatures so here’s some of my recent favourites. They’re all available from multiple shops so I’ll put the links at the end.

halloween Sumikko Gurashi Re-Ment miniatures

I’m trying not to get too excited about Halloween yet but this Sumikko Gurashi night street parade set is too spooky cute, especially as a big fan of Obake/Ghost. I love the tiny ghost lantern and pumpkin snail is also amazing.

Sumikko Gurashi train Re-Ment miniatures

Sumikko Gurashi get way more sets than any other character for some reason so I have to pick another one. If you’ve ever been to Japan, this train station set will bring back lots of good memories. There’s even a little stamping station for your collection.

Pokemon Re-Ment miniatures

I think Pokemon were the first characters to get connecting sets of figures and this new Pokemon City Festival Street Corner innovates again. Each figure is cute to display on its own but you can also join them together into a whole little street plaza and arrange the characters however you like.

Kirby Re-Ment miniatures

i’m a little bit obsessed with Kirby at the moment, even though I haven’t played a Kirby game for decades. These Kirby Starrium figures are so pretty with lots of cute details and I’m tempted to get one.

My Melody & Kuromi Re-Ment miniatures

Cafes and restaurants are a classic theme for Re-Ment miniatures that I never get tired of. In this set My Melody & Kuromi have opened a very kawaii Tokimeki Diner, with matching outfits, chairs, parfaits and donuts.

Hatsune Miku Re-Ment miniatures

Hatsune Miku’s Miku Miku Room set is perfect for gamers and would look so cute in a dollhouse. I love the headphones and guitar – and especially the cardboard shipping box with plush and CDs.

kawaii Re-Ment miniatures

You can even get a dollhouse for your dollhouse! I’d be very happy to move into this Girl’s Room in real life since it’s got a strawberry table, anime toys, cute snacks and drawing and stationery supplies. Maybe not the unicycle though.

Where to buy Re-Ment miniatures

You can find the Re-Ment sets above online at a few different shops and those listed below all ship worldwide. Most sell individual blind boxes where you don’t know which set is inside. Others will sell a full set where you’ll get one of each.

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