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Original Kawaii Plush By Indie Artists #4

Posted on July 11, 2022 by

I always seem to have loads of kawaii plush saved so this is becoming a regular feature! Here’s another batch of adorable plushies by independent artists and designers that you’ll want to add to your collection.

kawaii plush japan

Let’s start with a couple of Kickstarters. Just launched are the Pon Plush by Tokyo Shojo (CAN), a group of Japan-inspired characters with mix and match magnetic accessories. All 7 plush have already been unlocked and there’s still almost a month left to decide on your favourite/s.

pancake bear plush

Pancake the Baker Bear is the first plush design by Pigeoncrafts (SG) and I’m not surprised that it was fully funded on the first day. He looks so fluffy and carries a baguette, plus he has a removable hat. There’s still a couple of weeks to grab yours, or the matching pouch and keychain plush that have also been unlocked.

kawaii plush moth

I recently stumbled across Lumichee (US) and they have the sweetest range of plush creatures called mousemoths and mothmoths. I think Luna the mothmoth is my favourite but you really need to click through and see them all.

kawaii frog scented plush

We’ve featured the cute frog characters of rainylune (US) on the blog before but did you know they’re available as scented plushies? Choose from peach, strawberry or watermelon. As someone who is sensitive to scents, I really appreciate that the scent is in a little pocket and can be removed.

pumpkin ghost plush

Em & Sprout (US) have a new pumpkin ghost plush for everyone who loves all things spooky cute! Check their shop for mothman and Plague doctor plushies too.

red panda plush

Thousand Skies (US) are well known for dog plush but now they have a Super Fluffy Red Panda range too. This large size looks so huggable with a huge tail, but there’s a smaller one too.

kawaii plush chicken

Bellzi (US) have a very sweet style and are always coming up with new animal plush designs. I like that they include less popular creatures like hens, ducks, worms and sting rays – there’s even a skunk launching soon.

banana seal kawaii plush

This post was partially inspired by a request on Twitter from Ryan at Tasty Peach Studios (US), not that I really needed any encouragement! Of course, she designs kawaii plush too and I don’t think we’ve featured these Banana Seals yet. They come in 4 stages of ripeness, plus pink and blue.

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    July 11, 2022 at 4:45 pm

    I love these, so sweet! I’ve tabled beside Tokyo Shojo before, she really does a great job with quality control and cute designs, and is a great con neighbour.

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