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Kawaii Novelty Bags

Posted on May 30, 2022 by

When it comes to fashion accessories, there’s nothing more fun than novelty bags! They may be impractical and often expensive but they make any outfit super kawaii and are perfect for events and special occasions. Here’s some amazing ones that I would love to own. Some of the prices here are way over our usual limit but many are also on sale.

kawaii cake bag

Where do you start with ROMMYDEBOMMY (EU)? All the bags are handmade to look like very realistic food including cake, bread and even full plated meals. You’ll definitely be the talk of any party with a whole cake hanging from your shoulder!

kawaii novelty bags

We’ve featured some of the character collaborations at Irregular Choice (UK) before but they also have their own designs that are just as elaborate. This Dream Time bag has a cuckoo behind the door and a working clock on the front.

kawaii Kirby backpack

Loungefly are another top brand for kawaii character bags and their biggest stockists often have exclusive designs. Box Lunch (US) currently have this adorable fluffy Kirby backpack with a string of stars as the zipper pull.

kawaii Little Twin Stars bag

If you’re a Sanrio fan, the US shop has some cute new bags in stock including this very sweet Little Twin Stars circle bag. It’s actually two bags – a round mesh bag with a satin drawstring inside – so you can use them separately too.

kawaii Rilakkuma plush bag

Plush bags are no good for rainy days but perfect when you need an excuse to carry something huggable around. This Chairoikoguma shoulder bag at Very Goods (JP) is too cute and has enough room inside for the essentials.

kawaii bear bag

Or how about a little brown bear bag by Laura Illustrates (US)? It even has a little tail on the back.

deer ita bag

We already had a post about ita bags recently but I had to include this deer bag by appleminte (US). I think it looks so kawaii already, without displaying any pins, and even comes with 3 different face inserts. They also have some lovely backpacks in stock.

toadstool bag

Head off into the forest for an adventure and pack your snacks in a toadstool bag by Little Odd Forest (SG). It comes in 3 colours to match your outfit – red, pink and orange.

kawaii avocado bag

If money’s tight just now, there are plenty of cheap and cheerful novelty bags too. Claire’s (UK) have a huge selection of furry, sparkly and holographic bags at bargain prices. I mean, who can resist a glittery avocado?

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