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Kawaii Ita Bags

Posted on April 6, 2022 by

Still thinking of getting into the ita bag craze or adding one more to your collection? Then take a look at this roundup of the cutest ita bags to display your pins and fan merch.

Kawaii Ita Bags - boba tea

As a long-time bubble tea enthusiast, this boba tea ita bag from Stami Studios (UK) is definitely my favorite from this list! It comes with a clear outer bag (cup), inner bag (flavor/color of your choice), five plush (tapioca balls), and an optional pin insert.

Kawaii Ita Bags - frogs

Rainylune’s (US) Son the Frog mini ita bag is available in a range of colors and is roomy enough to fit a Nintendo Switch Lite, or a Switch with the joycons removed. You can also get a medium size ita bag of Son the Frog if you need bigger space for your stuff.

Kawaii Ita Bags - seashell

Lover of mermaids and the sea? Then you might be interested in this white seashell ita bag from AngelicForest (US). It comes with detachable bows and is also available in a lavender colorway. If you don’t mind flaws and would like a cheaper option, seconds are also in stock in the shop.

Kawaii Ita Bags - Animal Crossing bell bag

SockJems (UK) have an Animal Crossing-inspired bell bag ita bag that you can wear as a crossbody, backpack, or both, depending on your choice of straps. You can also request different linings or pillow fabric – and even a glitter window.

Kawaii Ita Bags - togepi egg

How do you like your eggs? This adorable Togepi egg ita bag from Sweet Berri Studios (US) might just be right down your alley! It’s also available in a pastel colorway, or you can have a look at their Yoshi Egg ita bag if you’re more of a Super Mario fan.

Kawaii Ita Bags - plague doctor

Creepy-cute fans rejoice – this kawaii plague doctor ita bag by LusAmigurumi (EU) might just be what you’re looking for. The lantern also functions as a small, detachable bag. More yami kawaii ita bags are available for preorder in the shop… Cthulhu included!

Kawaii Ita Bags - nyan cat

Remember the good old days of Nyan Cat? Starjoys Shop (US) is bringing back nostalgia in the form of this cat-and-pop tart nyan ita bag! The project’s already fully funded on Kickstarter, but you can still pledge and back the project until the 15th of May. You can also check out more of Starjoys Shop’s works through their Etsy.

Which one do you like best?

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