Cute Axolotl Yarn Crafts

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The axolotl is a very cute type of salamander, named for the Aztec god of fire and lightning- Xolotl. They are typically pinkish with upturned mouths that resemble smiles. These are some knitting and crochet patterns that do justice to their cuteness.

axolotl sweater knitting pattern

This pixel crochet sweater by officially hooked is definitely going on my project list. There’s four different sizes, but it can be altered. The creator has included photos of a few different colour schemes, I want to make it in all the colours!

axolotl hat knitting pattern

This colourwork knitted hat by Alison Menzies uses just two colours to make a very effective, cute design. The axolotl is surrounded by bubbles and plants, like it’s in an aquarium.

axolotl socks knitting pattern

These knitted socks by Emma Bermudez Designs are amazing! They look like little axolotls are devouring your feet. I like how the creator has used textured yarn on the gills, maybe you could experiment with different fibres?

axolotl toy amigurumi crochet pattern

From Toft UK, you can get an amigurumi toy kit, to make your own pet axolotl! Or if you’d rather make a mini version, there’s a pattern in the How to Crochet: PETS book, which might be easier to access internationally, through local booksellers. When I made my mini axolotl, it was stolen in minutes by my cat, Kiki. This pattern is kitten approved!

axolotl cowl knitting pattern

This colourwork knitted cowl by Sunshine Stewart is adorable! You could experiment with the colour scheme, I think it’d look awesome in neons.

axolotl amigurumi crochet pattern

For a really quick make, try this tiny crochet axolotl from Mohu Mohu. They specialise in tiny crocheted critters and I also like the look of their halloween patterns bundle.

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