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Kawaii Ceramics Artists To Follow

Posted on April 27, 2022 by

Handmade ceramics are so special as every piece is unique, but that also means they’re made in small batches and can sell out quickly. Here’s 4 kawaii ceramics artists we haven’t featured on the blog before – follow them so you can be ready to grab something cute from their next shop drop! They all ship internationally (with various restrictions).

Kawaii ceramics artists - Fubsies

Fubsies is a range of adorable ceramic pieces, all handmade by Ruth Aislabie in the UK. They’re mostly homeware items with things like mugs, trinket dishes, planters, storage jars, plates and candle holders that will make your life extra cute. Everything is so happy and positive with lots of cute animals and food themes. There are a few higher priced items available to buy now, along with more affordable mini figures, but keep an eye out for regular updates. Shop (UK) I Instagram

Kawaii ceramics artists - AJ Ceramics

I always love watching The Great Pottery Throw Down (no spoilers here if you’re currently watching) and was rooting for AJ this year from early on, not least because we went to the same art school. Their pieces on the show were always so colourful and funny and often with a with nod to games and comics. Since the show, they’ve opened a shop as AJ Ceramics and have started selling cute blobs, mugs and bowls that are sure to make you smile every morning. Shop (UK) I Instagram

Kawaii ceramics artists - HESUKINAE Studio

HESUKINAE STUDIO is Bill and Ash, 2 sisters from Australia, and now in South Korea. They make mostly mini ceramics to display or wear but also some larger pieces for the home. I love all the cute expressions, gold details and swirly pastel colours so much. There’s a lot for cat fans but many other animals and nature themes too. The shop is currently empty but they’re working on new pieces. Shop ( KOR) I Instagram

Kawaii ceramics artists - Chari Nogales

Chari Nogales is an illustrator and ceramic artist based in Granada, Spain. Their strapline is ‘pottery that makes you happy’ and it certainly does! The animal donut tea light holders are my favourite but there’s also onigiri vases, bird planters and mermaid cat cups. Commissions are open if you see something that’s sold out, but there’s plenty pieces ready to buy too. Shop (EU) I Instagram

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