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Kawaii Ceramics Artists To Follow

Posted on October 29, 2019 by

I love collecting ceramics as they feel so special since I know each piece is unique. It can be tough to build a collection though as ceramics are usually only available in small batches and sell out fast. Here’s a few of my favourite kawaii ceramics artists – follow them on Instagram to see what they’re working on and get ready to grab something from their next release.

Kawaii Ceramics Artists - Myostery

Myostery (South Korea)

Don’t you already feel sad that you missed out on all these spooky Bebes? Myostery makes some of the cutest and most detailed ceramics – I love all the gold highlights. There’s usually a range of items each time, from mini jewellery to full size pots. Next batch drops on Thursday.

Kawaii Ceramics Artists - Pony People

Pony People (EU)

Pony People is famous for her ceramic cat head planters and it’s fun to see how they’ve evolved into ever more kawaii designs. If she keeps making these star-covered celestial kitties, it’s only a matter of time before I set my alarm and try to get one. The next batch is available tonight!

Kawaii Ceramics Artists - Polkaros

Polkaros (Singapore)

I’ve been following Polkaros for ages since Ros lived in Japan and would love to own one of her colourful pots. It’s a little easier to buy Polkaros ceramics as they’re now made in larger batches – there are a few online now and more coming soon.

Kawaii Ceramics Artists - Tiny Supply

TinySupply (Singapore)

TinySupply is two sisters who make adorable animal bowls, planters and mugs plus tiny brooches. They’re always coming up with fun new ideas and new animals so it’s always a surprise when their posts pop up in my feed. Their next shop update is coming very soon.

Kawaii Ceramics Artists - Star and Heart Studio

The Star and Heart Studio (UK)

The Star and Heart Studio is very prolific so if you miss out on something, there will probably be another one along soon – or something even cuter. The animal totems are my favourites but you’ll also find jewellery, trinket dishes and larger art pieces. Have a look at their Etsy shop to see what’s available now.

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