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Anirollz Kawaii Animal Food Plush

Posted on April 25, 2022 by

If you’re looking for a new set of cute animal plushies to love, let me introduce you to Anirollz!

Anirollz Kawaii Animal Food Plush

I love animal and food mashups and Anirollz are a group of animals that really love food. These ones come rolled up in a food-themed blanket that you can remove. There’s everything from a bunny in a hot dog and a cat in a cake to an owl in a pancake and a panda in a banana!

Anirollz Kawaii Animal Food Plush

They’ve even teamed up with some big name food brands, to squeeze into Cup Noodles and Dippin’ Dots tubs, or hold ketchup and hot sauce bottles.

Anirollz Kawaii Animal Food Plush

The plush come in all sizes from keychain to giant, plus there’s lanyards, enamel pins, stickers and lots more.

Anirollz Kawaii lanyards

You can buy them online at Anirollz (US) or Claire’s (UK).

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