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Kawaii Mini Figure Blind Boxes

Posted on February 4, 2022 by

There’s nothing like blind boxes for anyone who loves surprises and cute collectibles. Opening them up and hoping you’ll be lucky enough to get your top choice is so exciting and I’d buy them all the time if I had more money, and display space. My birthday is coming up soon though, so here’s some of the most kawaii blind boxes with mini figures that I’ve spotted recently.

kawaii blind boxes - trash kitties

Launching today is the first blind box series from 100% Soft (US), creators of the kawaii dumpster fire. Trash Kitties are a set of mini vinyl figures, of cute cats – and rats! – playing with trash, leftover food and other fun stuff. There’s 12 to collect, including 3 rare designs.

kawaii blind boxes - tokidoki unicorno

I’ve somehow managed to resist tokidoki blind boxes for all these years but I’m obsessed with the new dessert-themed Delicious Unicorno set! I have about 5 favourites so I definitely need to put this on my wish list. It’s available from tokidoki (US) and various stockists worldwide.

kawaii blind boxes - Momiji

The Momiji x POP MART collaboration for blind box vinyl figures has been such a delight but they do tend to sell out really fast. There’s some Book Shop and Perfect Partners single boxes available in the UK shop right now, and you might find others in their international hubs. Which reader are you most like? I’d be a mix of travel and space.

kawaii blind boxes - Fuku Fuku Nyanko

As a big fan of the Fuku Fuku Nyanko cats, I’m in love with all the cute gachapon figures. The camping set is my favourite but there’s also desserts, gymnastics and motorbikes. HAPiNS don’t ship internationally but I recently took the plunge and placed an order through Tenso (see our guide) which worked fine – I will share some additional advice in another post soon.

kawaii blind boxes - hello kitty

Hello Kitty is still the cosplay queen and gets her Time To Shine in this new mini figure set. There’s so many good ones but I especially like the alien and Aggretsuko. Kidrobot (US) have a lot of exclusive Sanrio blind boxes, as well as other artists and brands so have a look around for more.

kawaii blind boxes - Pusheenicorn

And they’re not figures but I need to squeeze in a mention of the Pusheen surprise plush. The upcoming series 17 will have a Pusheenicorn theme that’s going to be impossible to resist. It’s already on sale at Hot Topic (US) and should be available very soon from The Pusheen Shop (US) and other stockists. It’s still taking forever for these to turn up outside the US but UK fans can at least pick up the recent Catfe series from ARTBOX and Claire’s. (If anyone wants to do a swap for our spare donut Pusheen, leave a comment!)

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    February 4, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    I am super weak to blind box figures, they’ve gotten so good in the last 10 years. I hope you do take the plunge on Unicornos, I have some from the beginning, and some of the most recent, and they’re really pulling out the stops!

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