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Kawaii Artists To Support On Patreon

Posted on January 24, 2022 by

Patreon is a great way to support your favourite kawaii artists and creatives regularly, and receive fun and exclusive perks. Here are some particularly cute Patreons to check out.

kawaii artists on Patreon - pitachan

In search of adorable amigurumi crochet patterns? Then you’ll love Pitachan. Their Patreon has two tiers, so you can choose to have one or two pdf patterns each month. Past patterns have included Animal Crossing, festive animals and anime characters.

kawaii artists on Patreon - moonlume

If you want very cute stickers delivered to your door every month, Moonlume is perfect for you. I absolutely love Maple’s art style! The theme for February is fancy animals and sign ups close on January 31st.

kawaii artists on Patreon - darkdevilsdesigns

Dark Devil’s Designs’ Patreon members can have an enamel pin and an art print delivered each month. Ash creates both original art and fan art, so there’s lots of variety in the pins, but they’re always cute.

kawaii artists on Patreon - lemon yarn creations

Another option for cute crochet patterns is Lemon Yarn. This year each month’s pattern will feature a different ‘fruity animal’, which I think is such a cool idea. Last year’s theme was fairy tales, all of which were amazing.

kawaii artists on Patreon - ellusion

Ellusion Art sends art and stationery packages each month, featuring items like postcards and vinyl stickers. They do a lot of Animal Crossing themed art. Members also get access to discount codes, phone wallpapers and behind the scenes content.

kawaii artists on Patreon - rainbowholic

Rainbowholic’s Patreon has lots of different tiers to choose from, from access to digital content like journaling setup videos, to a postcard from Japan each month, to themed monthly parcels including stationery packs and original stickers. And Kaila’s Instagram feed is absolutely gorgeous!

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