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DIY Kawaii Jewellery & Charms

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Making your own kawaii jewellery is fun to do and you get to wear the end result! I’ve picked various DIY tutorials with polymer clay, shrink plastic or felt, so you can pick your favorite material to work with.

DIY Polymer Clay Jewellery

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Chelsey DIY explains how you can make animal shaped rings from polymer clay. I really like the look of these rings, they are so kawaii.

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If you want to know how to make cute polymer clay hair clips, then you should certainly watch this video from Naomi’s Space.

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Make your own candy hair pin accessories with this DIY from Ginny Di.

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Hoo’s Note shows how to make cute clay pins with Sculpey (polymer) clay and paint.

DIY Shrink Plastic Jewellery

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In this video Creative Rachy explains how to make kawaii charms using shrink plastic and vinyl, with the use of a Cricut maker. I think that the end result looks very professional.

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You can also draw your own characters on shrink plastic and turn them into pins. Moriah Elizabeth shows you how to do this and it’s super satisfying to watch all her creations shrinking in the oven :)

DIY Felt Jewellery

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Are you looking to make a cute big bow pin from felt? Look no further, as this video from MimiCC DIY explains it very well.

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In this video Miss Tricks shows you how to make a cute kawaii BT21 Tata felt pin. You can find many other felt DIY crafts on her channel as well.

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