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Relaxing and Cute Cooking Channels on YouTube

Posted on June 23, 2021 by

To be honest I find it very relaxing to watch cooking videos, even when I’m not planning to try out the included recipes. Do you do this as well? Here are some cute cooking channels from creators in Japan & South Korea that are a pleasure to watch.

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At the HidaMari Cooking channel you can watch Hidamari in Japan making chocolates, fruit cakes, desserts, foods from movies and more. The scenes are laid out beautifully and the recipes do make my mouth water a bit.

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Cooking tree from South Korea uploads mostly recipes for people with a sweet tooth, including lots of desserts. Most videos come without music or a voice-over, so you can listen to the soothing cooking sounds.

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cook kafemaru is a Japanese channel featuring kawaii sweets and cooking. The videos come with soft music and the actual cooking sounds, and are very relaxing to watch.

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Nino’s Home is a Japanese channel where you can see Nino cooking with his cat. The cat isn’t much of a help, but it’s a very cute addition. It reminds me a bit of Cooking with Dog. Nino shows how to make various recipes, including spicy noodle, Vietnamese pizza and BTS cookies.

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Hanse is a South Korean YouTube channel where you can learn how to make cat shaped milk bread, rainbow coloured meringues, fresh peach milk and many other cute foods. The recipes are in Korean, but you can use Google for translation.

If you’ve got other cooking channels recommendations, please do share them in the comments section below (^_^).

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