Cute Japanese-Inspired Picnic Treats

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Spring and summer are great seasons to enjoy a lunch outdoors. For instance in a park, or simply on your balcony or in your backyard. I’ve selected kawaii recipes for picnic treats that might make you feel like being in Japan.

strawberry sandwich recipe

Brighten your day with this cute Strawberry Sando (Japanese Fruit Sandwich), made with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. You can follow the simple recipe from @Cookerru, or the more detailed recipe with pictures from Just One Cookbook.

Japanese fruit flower sandwiches
Photo by @na_neko7

In Japan you can get fruit sandwiches that almost resemble a piece of art. TasteMade Japan shows how to make these fruit flower sandwiches at home, with a translated recipe on SoraNews.

bread bear ice cream cone cups

Do have a look at the other recipes from TasteMade, such as the adorable bread bears in ice cream cone cups. Each recipe comes with a clear video and Google Chrome can translate the text for you.

kawaii onigiri recipe

On the Surf and Sunshine blog you can find a recipe for these kawaii crab filled onigiri. I can highly recommend an onigiri mould as used in the recipe, but you can also place plastic wrap around the rice to shape it with your hands.

Totoro onigiri

How cute is this Totoro inari sushi from ‘I am a food blog’? If you are planning to bring these Totoro to a picnic, make sure to pack them well.

rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches recipe

I’m very fascinated by these rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. Living the Gourmet blog shows how to make the rainbow sandwiches, cut in half. But you can also leave the rainbow cheese uncut, so it can stretch out, as explained in this video by Mr. Q.

rainbow fruit skewers

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without fruit or veggies, for some much needed vitamins. I think these rainbow fruit skewers from Clean Food would be a very kawaii choice!

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