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Cute Tees With Kawaii Characters

Posted on April 8, 2021 by

It’s starting to get warmer (until it started snowing again!) and I’m looking forward to t-shirt weather. If your wardrobe could do with some cheering up, here’s some cute tees with our favourite kawaii characters. Most designs are exclusive to the shop but they all ship worldwide.

kawaii 80s tshirts

If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, Truffle Shuffle (UK) have an incredible array of cartoon and toy inspired t-shirts that will make you super nostalgic! Seriously, if you had a favourite childhood cartoon, I bet they have it. You’ll also find popular characters like Disney, Miffy and Moomins.

Kawaii Animal Crossing tees

Hot Topic is the US equivalent and have loads of fandom and pop culture tees. I especially like their Animal Crossing designs like this KK Slider tour shirt, available in a few colours.

kawaii Pokemon tees - Sylveon

If you’re a Pokemon fan, EMP (UK) have a great range of tees including exclusives, and not just Pikachu. How cute is this Sylveon design? There’s lots more kawaii, anime and gaming characters too including Sailor Moon and Rilakkuma.

Gudetama tokidoki tshirts

If I was made of money, I would have a wardrobe full of tokidoki t-shirts (USA) as they’re all so adorable. The Sanrio collaborations are always a highlight and who can resist a grumpy Gudetama cupcake?

Hello Kitty kawaii t-shirts

The Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku has sadly closed its doors but you can still shop their cute merchandise at the 6%DOKIDOKI store (Japan) including this super cute Hello Kitty tee. Check out all their own colourful designs too.

Pusheen tees

And we can’t miss out Pusheen! If you’re quite happy to stay at home a while longer, this I’m Busy t-shirt is perfect for lounging. Get it from The Pusheen Shop (USA), along with plenty more cute Pusheen tees.

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