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Cute & Comfy Kawaii Shoes

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I do a lot of walking so usually stick to trainers but wearing comfortable shoes doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Here’s some colourful and fun kawaii shoes you can wear every day including DIYs. There’s quite a lot of UK-based shops here but shoes often get you over the threshold for free international shipping.

kawaii shoes

Irregular Choice (UK) are best known for their high heels with ever more outrageous designs but they do also make more wearable styles with sequins, rainbows and poodles. How fun are these Toy Chest sneakers covered in colourful charms? Available in black too.

pastel goth vegan boots

If you like chunky boots and platform soles, Koi (UK) have a huge selection and they’re all vegan too. There’s cute pastels, darker goth designs and a few teddy bears.

kawaii animal shoes

Animal lovers need to check out the designs at TOMS (Worldwide) as they have quite a few to choose from. I really love the alpacas but it would have to be bunnies for me.

miffy shoes

Converse (Worldwide) recently teamed up with Miffy for a cute collection of high tops. It’s a bit basic really but I do like this style made with corduroy.

pusheen shoes

Pusheen shoes? Yes they exist! These are the perfect pastel goth colours and have So Lazy Can’t Move printed all over the laces. Get them exclusively from EMP (UK) .

kawaii shoes

There are quite a few kawaii artists selling custom printed shoes – have a look on Etsy – but my favourites are by Holley Tea Time (UK). This Rainbow Sweets design is adorable and there’s lots of spooky cute and celestial themes too.

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Sanrio USA have shared a tutorial to turn basic canvas sneakers into Pompompurin shoes. They trace the design from printed pictures so you could swap in another character instead.

Watch on YouTube

Or Ayesha Sha Sha! has a super cute DIY using special paint designed for shoes. This Little Twin Stars theme uses resin pieces but you could add readymade charms and cabochons instead.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

And if you can’t afford new shoes right now, it’s easy to cute up your current pair with accessories and laces, or try our shoelace styling tutorial!

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