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Custom Animal Crossing Plush

Posted on April 12, 2021 by

If you’re an Animal Crossing fan it can be disappointing to see only the same few characters available as official plushies, like the recent Build A Bear release. With hundreds of villagers and NPCs in the game, it’s impossible for Nintendo to create plushies of everyone, but Etsy makers and crafters have you covered. Huggable versions of all your favourite characters are available, whether you buy a readymade item, commission a fully custom plush or make it yourself with a DIY pattern.

custom Animal Crossing plush

My favourite is TheRaindropDragon (US) who can make a custom plush of any character you choose. The detail is incredible, including their perfect outfits. Commissions are limited so follow on Instagram for the next opportunity.

Animal Crossing amigurumi crochet patterns

For amigurumi, KittensAndMittensCo (UK) creates both finished toys and crochet patterns with a range of sizes and prices. There’s quite a few different villagers and NPCs to choose from and I really love the sheep.

Animal Crossing plush sewing pattern

Sewists can stitch up their favourite bunny with this plush sewing pattern by NekoLunaMoon. While it only includes the 4 characters above, it should be easy enough to customise for the others.

custom Animal Crossing plush

If you prefer your plushies to double up as home decor, OhMyPlushShop (EU) has some big face pillows of popular villagers and Tom Nook that are quite affordable for handmade.

custom Animal Crossing plush

Or pretend you’re living in the game with a real life version of Mom’s Plushie! These are too adorable and handmade by PearsonMKT (CAN).

Watch on YouTube

There’s not too many video tutorials to choose from but this DIY Roald plush doesn’t look too tricky and comes with a template that could be customised for other penguin characters.

Have a look on Etsy for more craft patterns or check out our previous Animal Crossing posts for shopping picks and DIYs.

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