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Cute Cosmic Galaxy Fashion

Posted on March 2, 2021 by

I’ve finally been watching the Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey series (on Disney+). The show was so much fun to watch that it inspired me to explore cosmic galaxy fashion. I think the following clothing and accessories would make a cute and comfy outfit.

Galaxy Fashion - skater dress

The Northern lights skater dress from Cakes with Faces (UK) looks so pretty. I love that it has cap sleeves. During colder days you could dress it up with a cardigan and leggings.

Galaxy Fashion - tshirt

This Care Bears cosmic space t-shirt was first discovered at Hot Topic (US). You can find it in various colors, including pink.

Galaxy Fashion - hoodie

This Alien space milk hooded sweatshirt is perfect for people who love aliens and being cute. The print is available in 3 different colors. It’s made by Sugarhai (US), who has also designed kawaii galaxy cat themed clothing.

Galaxy Fashion - skirt

I think that this Glow in the Dark Skirt looks super cute. The knee-length full skirt is finished with black cotton lace for an elegant touch. The stars actually glow green in the dark! It’s handmade by JoyAmaranthine (US) and you can even message her to request a custom order.

Galaxy Fashion - hair bow

Also have a look at the same shop for a matching hair bow clip.

Galaxy Fashion - bag

A galaxy outfit deserves some sparkles, so why not complete your look with this Star Shaped Holographic Glitter Bag? It’s available at Dreamy Bows (UK), where you can find this bag in lilac and gold as well.

Galaxy Fashion - face mask

When you go out to explore the galaxy, this space bunnies mask is great to wear. It’s handmade by KawaiiBcn (EU) from local and eco printed fabrics with their own design.

Galaxy Fashion - jewellery

At Cut Out + Keep you can learn how to easily make a Galaxy Necklace with just a couple of supplies.

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