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Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Posted on January 11, 2021 by

It’s already time for a review of the Winter Pusheen Box! It was a celebration of Pusheen’s 10 year anniversary with a cute pastel colour scheme. Here’s a look at what was inside. 

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

This box arrived super fast just before Christmas and felt like an extra present, especially as it was delivered by a different courier and there were no customs fees! The box design isn’t especially exciting but does continue inside with all the pastel colours. The vinyl figure is back to a nice small size that’s easier to display and the donut is even a bit squishy!

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I have to admit I wasn’t particularly thrilled about this box theme or the spoiler items but I changed my mind immediately upon opening it and seeing all the cute colours! There were 9 items in the Winter 2020 Pusheen Box: colourblock sweatshirt, pizza plush, string lights, salt & pepper shakers, plate set, stemless glass set, 2021 desk calendar, string bag and vinyl figure. To change things up, I’ll share 4 items I love and 1 that I didn’t like.

String Lights

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I may have gasped a little when I spotted this as it’s just what I wanted! I usually keep my snowman string lights up all year but they stopped working and I’m having a lot of trouble finding replacement bulbs. I had planned to buy a pom pom garland to replace it and this one is the perfect size and colour, with little winking Pusheens too!

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

However, it’s not bright at all. Only the Pusheens have a light inside and it’s very dim so you can’t even see it in daylight. I still think it’s adorable though so I picked up some surprisingly bright tiny star lights and the combination is so pretty. I love this so much!

Stemless Glass Set

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Subscription boxes can end up being a pile of cheap plastic so it’s always nice to get something more adult. These glasses are shatterproof and much bigger than they look – that’s my usual small glass of orange juice and it barely fills half of this glass. The Pusheen design is very cute too so I’m trying to find some space in my cupboards for these. My only complaint is that they were very grubby out of the box and also had a weird plastic film over the design that made them look awful. Luckily I figured it out but I saw on TheHollycopter’s unboxing video that she and lots of other subscribers had the same reaction. It would be nice if Pusheen Box could anticipate these issues and include more instructions.

2021 Desk Calendar

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I never seem to buy a calendar for myself any more so this was a useful item to find. It’s essentially a set of large postcards that sit in a wooden block but all the designs are very cute and it makes a nice pair with the perpetual calendar from the Spring 2019 box. I started changing the date on that every morning during those confusing days of the first lockdown and I’m happy that the habit has stuck!

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Whether I end up using this or not, it’s also a super cute set of 12 postcards. I appreciate that they didn’t make this a double-sided calendar so you can easily cut off the bottom part and send to friends or stick on your wall. The wooden stand can be reused for photographs too.

Pizza Plush

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The plushies in these boxes have never been very exciting for me and I haven’t kept any of them, but I really like this one. The pizza slice is big and colourful and she’d make a cute companion for pizza movie night. It’s nice that they’ve used the pastel colours for the food so it doesn’t read as meat if you’re a veggie.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The weirdest item was these salt and pepper shakers that both have a P on top. The official photos have S&P, plus it’s Stormy & Pusheen! Having holes in the lid even makes them less useful too – I use salt flakes and a pepper grinder but could have used them for spices or sprinkles if they were airtight. It’s a shame as they’re a nice size, made of glass and very cute. I was impressed by the sturdy packaging of both glass items, though it did make for a lot of waste.

Final Thoughts

Winter 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Overall, this was a fun box with lots of non-plastic useful items for another few months of staying at home. I really loved the pastel colours and I’ll definitely be using the string lights, glasses, sweatshirt and calendar – and adding the plush and vinyl figure to my displays. Even the items I’m not so keen on (salt & pepper shakers, plastic plates and string bag) are still useful and cute – they just don’t fit my lifestyle.

Pricing & International Fees

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. This box was shipped through RR Donnelley & delivered by Hermes. There were no customs fees and I’m really not sure why but I expect it’s due to some combination of express shipping for delivery before Christmas and Brexit, ours being a press/review box, and the mix up that sent us 2 boxes last time. If you’re in the UK, did you get a customs charge? I would not expect this to continue but if you’re a UK Pusheen fan thinking of subscribing (or cancelling) it would be worth asking about delivery companies before you make a decision. I’ll let you know what happens in the spring, if we get that box to review.

This box sold out very fast but the Spring 2021 Pusheen Box will be available soon. Check out Pusheen Box on Instagram and Facebook to find out about the next theme.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are our own)

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