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Pusheen Box Spring 2019 Review

Posted on June 12, 2019 by

We’re all huge Pusheen fans at SCK and I always look forward to seeing photos of all the exclusive products in Pusheen Box each season. There’s been some really cool stuff lately and I’m always tempted to sign up again, despite the high international shipping and customs fees. I was sent a great discount offer for the Spring 2019 box so decided to give it a go and see what’s changed since Winter 2016.

Spring Pusheen Box review

I ordered quite late in the season so my box was shipped straight away and arrived a couple of weeks later. It did have a customs fee and I’ll give you all the costs at the end. The box itself is always so fun – this time with a baseball cap that matches the rollerskating Pusheen figure inside.

Spring Pusheen Box review

The theme this time was Out of Office and had a cute pink and aqua colour scheme with items for outdoors, exercising and home, plus the usual plush and figure. I love these colours so was excited to unpack it. Here’s a closer look at everything.

Spring Pusheen Box viny figure

Roller Skating Vinyl Figure

Every Pusheen Box has a vinyl figure and this time she’s on rollerskates with a baseball cap. These figures always look great and I’m happy to have another one in my very small collection.

Pusheen Box windbreaker

Out of Office Windbreaker

I was surprised to find a jacket inside and then very pleased. Living in Scotland, it’s always risky to go outside without a coat and this makes a perfect light rain cover for summer and packs down really small. I love the colour too, though I could have done without the text, since I work from home! I’ll definitely be packing this in my suitcase for upcoming trips.

Pusheen Box - fanny pack

Mesh Fanny Pack

I remember the 90s and bum bags (as we call them in the UK) were a pretty embarrassing trend then. I don’t think I could bring myself to wear one, though it is very cute with embroidered Pusheen and 2 zipped pockets! It could be handy for valuables on holiday but I think I’ll leave it for those of you without the cringey memories.

Pusheen Box - magnetic key holder

Magnetic Key Holder

I saw a spoiler for this on the Pusheen Box Instagram and it was one of the things that made me consider getting this box as it would be so cute in my hallway. I thought it had hooks underneath but it’s actually magnetic. I was very dubious but it does indeed hold up my heavy keys (and happy Ghost keyring). I haven’t found a good spot for this in my house yet but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

Pusheen Box calendar

Block Calendar

This didn’t grab my attention when I opened the box but once unpackaged, it became one of my favourites. There’s no way I’d remember to change it every day but it’s such a great prop for photos. I really like that it’s made from wood too, which has a much nicer handmade feel than plastic.

But what’s happening on July 4th, Pusheen? Oh, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii is published! (Pusheen is in it!)

Pusheen Box - yoga towel
Pusheen Box - yoga towel

Yoga Towel/Mat

This is huge! If you’re a yoga fan, you’ll definitely be the cutest person in class with this. It’s quite thin but I assume you use it on top of a thicker mat so it can be washed easily. It looks good quality and has an adorable design of exercising (and snoozing) Pusheens. If you don’t do yoga, this would still be fun to use around the gym – or at the beach…

Pusheen Box - jump rope

Jump Rope

This jump rope/skipping rope has adorable Pusheen handles, which are surprisingly comfortable to hold. There’s no space for skipping in my house but I’m sure it does the job. Probably better for the garden or kids than any serious exercise though.

Pusheen Box - crew socks

Crew Socks

These are seriously good socks for exercise with padded soles and ribbing to keep them in place. The Pusheen design is very subtle so not really that exciting. They do look good with my silver trainers though.

Pusheen Box plush

Pusheen Plush

There’s always a plush in every Pusheen Box and this one is supposed to be wearing a matching windbreaker. I didn’t realise that until I read the description – without the image on the front, it just looks like a shapeless hoodie and doesn’t feel very special. It’s just attached with a couple of small stitches though so I might remove it and find her something more fun to wear.

Pusheen Box - fanny pack

Overall, I was pretty happy with this box and will definitely use the windbreaker, calendar and key holder – and the figure will be added to my shelf. The other items are mostly good quality and cute but my exercise routine revolves around playing Pokemon Go so they’re not that much use to me personally. Maybe we will have a giveaway soon!

Spring Pusheen Box
Photo by Pusheen Box


Each Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (with discounts for subscriptions) and shipping to the UK was $25 (+ customs fees of £14.74) so the total cost was around £69. That’s almost exactly the same as 2016. Where I saved this time was getting a 25% discount on the box price, which brought it down to £60. Pusheen Box have also had $6 international shipping offer recently so it’s worth holding out for a good deal.

That’s still pretty expensive but I do think it’s worth it if you love Pusheen and like the theme since all the items are exclusive. If you don’t mind losing the surprise then Pusheen Box usually share the full contents on Instagram while the box is still available so you can wait and see before spending any money.

pusheen box summer 2019

Interested? Subscriptions are now open for the Summer 2019 Pusheen Box with a Sail Away theme.

This review is not sponsored but we are now working with Pusheen Box. Look out for more reviews later this year!

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