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Cute Mount Fuji To Buy & DIY

Posted on January 26, 2021 by

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and can be seen from Tokyo during clear days. With it’s symmetrical cone (snow-capped for about 5 months a year), Mount Fuji is often used as a symbol of Japan. Fuji-san also appears on many kawaii items. I’d like to take you along on this virtual Mt. Fuji tour with me, to share pins, stationery and free crafts.

kawaii mount fuji enamel pins

Robot Dance Battle (USA) makes many kawaii characters, including this happy Mount Fuji enamel pin.

kawaii mount fuji stickers

This vinyl Fuji-san sticker even comes with a bit of sakura. It’s made by MissRainArtwork (EU), who is also a Japan lover.

kawaii mount fuji washi tape

This pretty Mount Fuji washi tape comes with gold details. You can spot it at the Etsy shop from Helen Bucher (EU), where you can also find a cute Fuji sticker.

kawaii mount fuji stamps

Next to running our SCK website, Marceline makes her own kawaii characters as AskingForTrouble (UK). You can find this cute Mount Fuji stamp in her shop.

mount fuji kawaii crafts

Marceline also shows how you can make your own Mt Fuji cards from cardstock with a free tutorial!

kawaii mount fuji DIY pillow

SaltyMom explains how you can make a Fuji shaped pillow. She also shows variations in shapes and kawaii faces, which I think would really compliment this cute pillow ^_^

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