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Kawaii Dinosaurs To Buy & DIY

Posted on November 3, 2020 by

Did you know that dinosaurs can be cute too? Lately I’ve seen all kinds of dreamy dinosaurs popping up!

kawaii dinosaurs plush

At Strapya World (Japan) you can spot these dinosaur plush straps in lovely pastel colours. They come with a ball chain so that you can attach them to your bag and purse.

kawaii dinosaurs stickers

WonkyAvocado (UK) lets you pick between a pack of 30 or 40 of these kawaii dinosaur stickers. The dinosaurs in the pack of 30 stickers are almost 2 inch tall!

kawaii dinosaurs hair clips

These kawaii pastel dinosaur hair clips are from GoodLuxeVintage (USA). You can pick various colours and each resin dino measures about 60×45 mm.

kawaii dinosaurs mug

Arnold the dinosaur is not particularly fond of mornings (I can relate). With this Arnold the Dinosaur mug from Sugar and Sloth (UK) you can make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea to wake up with.

Rilakkuma dinosaurs

Last summer a new series with Rilakkuma dressed up as a dinosaur was released. You can download the Rilakkuma dino wallpapers at the bottom of the official San-X page. If the related items haven’t gone extinct yet, you might be able to find them at shops such as (EU).

Watch on YouTube

This DIY Steggie Plush from Seams Like Sarah comes with a free pattern and it looks so cute!

Watch on YouTube

Alice Who Did shows how you can make a cute pair of dinosaurs with polymer clay.

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    November 3, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    I love Dinos! Those plush are super cute!

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