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This is part of a series of posts where we’ll (re-)introduce you to a themed set of cute characters and where to buy products that feature them. I had to grab one of my favourite kawaii themes – bunny rabbits! Funnily enough, these 4 all begin with an M, like my own name.

Miffy/ Nijntje

Kawaii Bunny Rabbits - Miffy

Miffy / Nijntje was one of my first cute character loves as a child as she’s Dutch like my mother. She first appeared in Dick Bruna’s books in 1953 and is now globally popular with her own TV show and museum (we visited last year). Miffy is a curious and creative bunny who loves to play with friends.

Miffy notebook
Miffy personalised notebook by Papier

You can buy Miffy pretty much everywhere but the Miffy UK shop is one of the best places with lots of cute plush, clothing, homeware, art and more. She also collaborates with brands for exclusive products including Papier (personalised stationery), Truffle Shuffle (clothes & jewellery) and Strathberry (bags).


Kawaii Bunny Rabbits - Molang

Molang was originally created by a South Korean artist but has been adopted by a French animation studio who turned the chubby bunny into a global star with a cute cartoon series (watch it on Netflix). The show is all about the friendship between Molang and their best friend PiuPiu and the adventures of daily life.

Molang plush
Molang plush from Molang Korea

Molang merchandise is quite hard to buy. The official Korean shop has the best products but auto-translate doesn’t work on the site and I don’t think they ship internationally. There’s some cute plush at the French Molang shop, which also has loads of cute freebies. For everyone else, your best bet is Amazon (UK / USA).

My Melody

Kawaii Bunny Rabbits - My Melody

My Melody is Hello Kitty’s best friend and older kawaii fans will know her well. She has a fairytale look with a pink hood and a few animal friends. My Melody also a bit of a fashion icon, and sometimes wears Lolita style outfits.

My Melody hat
My Melody flap action cap from Sanrio USA

My Melody is everywhere and you can shop lots of adorable products and collaborations from Sanrio’s stores in the USA, Europe and Japan. Japanese imports are available through ARTBOX (UK) and Kawaii Panda (EU) and occasional fashion collections from Liz Lisa (Japan). There’s lots of cute freebies to download too from the US and Japanese sites.


Kawaii Bunny Rabbits - Mofutans

My last pick is a bit more obscure but I still love Mofutans, a gang of squishy, floppy mochi bunnies. They never really took off but I’m always happy to spot them in a neglected corner and add to my collection.

Mofutans kawaii stickers
Mofutans stickers at ShopKawaii

San-X have pretty much given up on them and don’t make new products but you can still find a few older things at ShopKawaii (USA) and Kawaii Shop Japan.

Who’s your favourite kawaii bunny character? We’ll have a poll on social media later today.

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    That’s a pity about the mofutans, they’re easily the cutest of the lot!

  2. Sukeban AK (Angie) avatar
    Sukeban AK (Angie)

    Mofutans are SO CUTE!!!! My partners and I have a rabbit named Mochi! I named him that because I love mochi ice cream and the legend of the Rabbit on the Moon. <3

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