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Cute Handmade & DIY Worry Dolls

Posted on September 8, 2020 by

Worry dolls are tiny,  mostly handmade, dolls that originate from Guatemala. You can tell the doll your sorrows and worries and hide it under your pillow for the night. The next morning all sorrows are said to be taken away by the worry doll. Making a worry doll seems like a nice activity. They are so small that you could easily pop them in your pocket or bag. They would make a great gift as well! I think they could even travel in an envelope.

DIY Worry Dolls

Noodoll has a nice step by step photo tutorial on how to make their Ricecracker character into a worry doll.

DIY Worry Dolls

At Patchwork Cactus you can find these cute DIY Halloween style worry doll. These are slightly larger, as they are made with a wooden clothes peg as base.

Watch on YouTube

Miss Tori shows how to make worry dolls with a pipe cleaner as base. This way you can bend the doll in various positions.

DIY Worry Dolls

At HouseOfWorryDolls (USA) on Etsy you can buy worry dolls that look like little pieces of art. There’s a DIY kit too and you can even order a pride worry doll that is made to look like you or a friend.

DIY Worry Dolls

You could also look for a local shop that sells worry dolls made in Guatemala. In the Netherlands there’s a shop called WereldWinkel (WorldShop) that sells handmade worry dolls.

Watch on YouTube

You can see how these dolls are made in this video.

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