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Cute Pastel Game Boy Picks

Posted on August 25, 2020 by

With our first-earned money, my twin sister and I bought Nintendo Game Boys. We had so much fun playing it. Later on I got a Sega Mega Drive to play games together with friends. I’m still having fond memories of those retro gaming systems and it looks as if the Game Boy never goes out of fashion.

Cute Pastel Retro Gameboy print

BellaKatDesignCo (USA) sells these cute Rainbow Gamer Prints at her Etsy shop, where you can also find stickers of this same design.

Cute Pastel Retro Gameboy tshirt

In Control Clothing (USA) sells pastel and dark clothes in all shapes and sizes, this magical gamer t-shirt looks so cute!

Cute Pastel Retro Gameboy enamel pins

The Game Boy wouldn’t be anywhere without its trusty cartridge. You can buy this cute enamel pin set at WeAreExtinct (EU).

Cute Pastel Retro Gameboy dress

Which gaming systems can you spot in this Game in Colour skater dress? It’s available from the PastelPixieStore (AU / shipping from HK).

Cute Pastel Retro Gameboy sticker

This kawaii gaming sticker from KirstenLouiseDesign (UK) is splash proof. You could use it to adorn your laptop, cellphone or journal.

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You can make your own Game Boy pins with perler beads, although I would go for pastel colors ;).

Watch on YouTube

Or try out this kawaii Game Boy polymer clay DIY charm.

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    Ah Nah
    October 9, 2020 at 11:51 pm

    Wow such cute things! I love old games so much! They gave my siblings and I way to bond with each other and just gave us something nice and positive for us to enjoy amongst many trials. So they have a very special place in my heart! ^^

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