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Support Black Lives Matter With Kawaii

Posted on June 23, 2020 by

Lots of kawaii artists have stepped up to help support the Black Lives Matter movement financially by creating enamel pins, stickers, prints and t-shirts, all with 100% of the profits being donated to various organisations and charities (check each product for the full details). Here’s some of our favourites.

Black Lives Matter kawaii tshirts

Some of these picks were found via Mochichito who has a great gallery of BLM- supporting products to browse through. Steph has also teamed up with mint.wattanatorn to create Covid-19/BLM Fundraiser Cutie Cute-Tees. They’re available for pre-order now from the Mochichito shop (USA).

Black Lives Matter kawaii sticker

Bunnydee has been creating some of my favourite kawaii protest art on Instagram, with lots of cats, and it’s sure to inspire you to action. Danielle has also designed some stickers and prints that you can buy on Etsy (USA).

Black Lives Matter kawaii art print

Speaking of cats, comic artist Lucy Knisley has created a whole alphabet of Anti-Racist Cats! She’s been drawing a cat for every donation and they’re available as colouring sheets, prints and even a font. You can still get more cats added too – here’s how it works.

Black Lives Matter kawaii art print

I’m a big fan of Naoshi’s sand art and these new We Love prints (USA) are beautiful. There’s 3 colours available and the rainbow would be my top choice.

Black Lives Matter kawaii sticker

I’m sad I was too late to share arieandream’s tiger & panther pins but there’s a new No Justice No Peace jaguar enamel pin and vinyl sticker available for pre-order now (USA).

Black Lives Matter kawaii enamel pin

There are so many pins to pick from so I’ll choose a few starting with this lovely Grow Together design by appleminte (USA), available as a pin or sticker.

Black Lives Matter kawaii enamel pin

Or how about this magical galaxy girl from Stami Studios (UK) who also has a super cute customisable ita bag to display all your new pins.

Black Lives Matter kawaii enamel pin

And I’ll leave you with this Rise Up enamel pin by Be Magical Studio (USA). As it says in the description, “let it remind you and others to always fight for what’s right”.

Hope you found something you love. If you have any spare time or cash there are lots of other ways you can help.

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