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Motchimaruzu Hamster Virtual Pets

Posted on June 9, 2020 by

When I was on the hunt for a Tamagotchi On last year, I also stumbled upon the Motchimaruzu virtual pets from Sega Toys Japan. This cute hamster has got chubby cheeks that you squeeze to play the game!

Momo Motchimaruzu Hamster Virtual Pet

Squeezing the cheeks should give you a ‘mochi mochi’ feeling, comparable to playing with squishies. In fact this toy was made in collaboration with BLOOM, which is a popular Japanese squishies brand.

Momo Motchimaruzu Hamster Virtual Pet

In care-mode you can feed your Motchimaruzu hamster and play with it. The hamster will grow into one of 16 characters with the outcome depending on how well you care for it.

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Aside from caring you can play mini-games or redecorate your room. Sega has also released a cat version of Motchimaruzu  and later this month a Momo Motchimaruzu will be available. Momo means peach in Japanese, hence it’s fruity shape. I believe the attached squishy might even smell of peach.

Momo Motchimaruzu Hamster Virtual Pet

The virtual pet is about 11cm ~ 4,3 inch in height and works on 3 AAA batteries (not included). It sells for about $66 at online shops such as Japan You Want. You can also find some of the previously released Motchi Maruzu toys at that shop.

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