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Cute Lunch Ideas To Make At Home

Posted on June 3, 2020 by

Even though most people have been working from home lately, it might still be fun to prepare yourself (or loved ones) a cute lunch or light meal. I’ve picked some online recipes with various ingredients that I hope you might enjoy!

Cute Bento Lunches

At the Sanrio blog, guest writer Shannon shows how to make an adorable Cinnamoroll bento box. She uses rice, vegetables, nori and meat. But you could also replace the ham for a vegetarian version.

Cute Bento Lunches

These Hello Kitty Donuts from Bento Monsters  look so sweet! I think they would make for a great comforting lunchtime treat, just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards ;)

Cute Bento Lunches

This cute bear toast from Butter With A Side of Bread can be made with just a couple of simple ingredients and you don’t even have to cook. Peanut butter never bores me, so I’ll surely try this one out.

Cute Bento Lunches

Little Miss Bento makes the greatest recipes and these herb kitty pancakes are certainly worth trying. If you can’t get your hands on the herbs, you could also make regular kitty pancakes and maybe flavor them with bananas.

Cute Bento Lunches

Hard boiled eggs are great to turn into a cute lunch. Bento Zen shows how to make egg flowers bento and Cookpad also has a nice recipe for making kawaii flower eggs.

That’s it, I hope you are feeling slightly hungry and ready to fix up a cute lunch or light meal!

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