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Kawaii Valentine’s Day Recipes

Posted on February 4, 2020 by

What better way to declare your love on Valentine’s Day than to gift a homemade treat? I’ve collected some sweet recipes that might just do the trick.

Kawaii Valentine's Day Recipes

These Valentine bear cookies at Hello Wonderful aren’t that difficult to create and they would make a very cute gift. If you would like to use natural red colouring, you could use pomegranate juice or boiled cranberries.

Kawaii Valentine's Day Recipes

A nice variation to the cookies are these bear heart pancakes at hello, YUMMY. You could even draw a cute face on the bears with chocolate.

Kawaii Valentine's Day Recipes

The Valentine love cats cupcake by Juniper Cakery is probably a bit time consuming to make, as you have to shape the cats. But I think that the outcome is certainly worth it, although it might be too cute to eat. If your loved one is more of a dog person then you might like to make the puppy love cupcake.

Kawaii Valentine's Day Recipes

Haven’t got much time on your hands? Giggles Galore’s conversation heart parfaits only need 3 ingredients and they are easy to make. This is also a great recipe if you haven’t got an oven.

Kawaii Valentine's Day Recipes

This Bunny bread with ears shaped as hearts are too cute not to share. However the recipe is in Japanese, so you’d best let Google Chrome translate it for you. If I understand it correctly the bunnies are made out of fermented dough / sourdough. The bun is filled with bean paste, but you could also just fill the ears with strawberry jam. The faces are made with a chocolate pen.

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The Valentine kawaii fruit desserts from Letterpress Bakery look super cute! She didn’t list the ingredients though, so you would have to search for them. Here’s a white chocolate mousse recipe and fruit jelly recipe.

You can find more kawaii recipes in our archives or check out our Valentine’s Day Crafts section!

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