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Decorate Your Home With Cute Animals

Posted on February 18, 2020 by

I’d like to show my love for animals and kawaii items in my home decorations. I find that most visitors appreciate this and it can be a nice conversation starter. I’ve made a list of items that I would love to add to my decor, that I think you might enjoy as well!

Cute Animal Decorations - cat blanket

It’s as if this snuggle cat plaid had my name written on it. I’ve ordered it online as our local HEMA (EU) ran out of this cute blanket, so they might sell out fast. There’s also a Dalmatian snuggle plaid to take comfort in!

Cute Animal Decorations - deer heating pad

How cute is the microwavable heating deer plushie from ZhuZhu Toys (EU)? This sweet deer is made out of soft minky polyester plush, stuffed with anti-allergy filling. It would be great if you are cold or experience tummy pain. I’ve gifted a heating animal to my teenage niece and she really liked it.

Cute Animal Decorations - cat pillow

This lounging large plush cat from H&M would be great as a pillow to cuddle up against. I might have too many plush animals already, but I’m very tempted to bring this critter home.

Cute Animal Decorations - fox planter

The kawaii hanging fox planter from Sass & Belle (UK) is available from various shops in Europe. It would be a nice way to add a piece of nature to any room.

Cute Animal Decorations - shiba inu mat

I’ve got a soft spot for Shiba Inu dogs and usually stop midway on the rare occasion that I spot one. How about greeting yourself and your visitors with this Shiba Inu mat from J-List (JP)?

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