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Cute Christmas Treats and Recipes

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Since Christmas is the time of year to spend time with your family eat, I thought it would be nice to share some cute recipes. Nothing too difficult, but ever so sweet.

Kawaii Christmas recipes - Pusheen cookies

You can’t really go wrong by making these Pusheen cookies and they would make great Christmas gifts as well. Icing them might even be a nice activity to do with family members.

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Another cute bake are the Christmas doughnuts from Cupcake Jemma. The doughnuts look adorable, and the video is bound to put you in a festive mood.

Kawaii Christmas recipes - reindeer smoothie

These reindeer smoothies are made by Naturally.Jo, who has a great Instagram account to follow. They don’t come with a recipe, but I think you could recreate them by using strawberries, yogurt, chocolate leaves, chocolate mousse and cream. You could also make the face on the glass with a Sharpie or by using stickers. These smoothies would be great as a dessert.

Kawaii Christmas recipes - Pompompurin cake

Kaopan (Kaori) makes the cutest character food. Her Pompompurin steamed cheese bread recipe looks simple enough to follow. If you can’t buy steamed bread, I think you could also try to use a thick slice of cake.

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Even if you can’t cook, you should really be able to make a strawberry santa claus. It almost looks too cute to eat ^_^

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