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Squishy Business – A Cute Sumo Restaurant Game

Posted on September 17, 2019 by

I was looking for a new simple game to play on my iPad, since I’m stuck at the Sumi Sumi game :( I stumbled upon Squishy Business (Apple / Android), which is a very quirky but enjoyable game.

Squishy Business - A Cute Sumo Restaurant Game

This game has a storyline that just gets weirder by the chapter. I find this very enjoyable.

Squishy Business - A Cute Sumo Restaurant Game

A stray sumo follows you home one day… The poor guy’s starving, but what can you do? Luckily your pet cat will take it upon him (together with his funny friends) to open up a restaurant for all sumo everywhere.

Your job in the game is to make sure that all the visiting sumo will be entertained and that they get a nice meal. This is important, because sumo wrestlers need a lot of food. They will pay you money, that you can use to expand the restaurant and to purchase better items/furniture.

Stray sumo is peeking through the windows of your restaurant as you help him through his journey. To attract new and rare sumo to your place you can spread flyers. It’s very entertaining to see all these various sumo characters coming in. It’s also nice to see the sumo interact with the furniture that you place in and around your restaurant, this sometimes really made me laugh.

Squishy Business - A Cute Sumo Restaurant Game

Squishy Business is free, but there’s a tiny banner in the upper corner. You can get the game in the App Store or at Google Play.

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