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Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

Posted on September 25, 2019 by

Long-time SCK readers might remember that back in 2015 I received some adorable Shippon & Chuppon animal planters to review. It was too late in the year to plant them so I promised to update in the spring…except I couldn’t find them again! Nearly 4 years later, I finally found the box hiding behind my photography lightbox so here is a very belated review.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

These are both self-watering planters from Japan that are great for small spaces and desks. The Chuppon came first and hangs over any cup, drinking up water through a straw. The Shippon followed later – it hangs inside the included plastic cup with a fabric tail that transports water. Each is available in a few animals and plant options – I received a wild strawberry Bunny and Clover Dog.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

Multi-language instructions are included and are similar for both – you soak a dry pellet of soil in water until it expands, squish it into the animal’s basket, add a few seeds and cover. It was all very easy but does get a bit messy so definitely put some paper down. You then leave them in a warm and light – but not too sunny – place and keep your fingers crossed.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

Just four days later, the dog was already sprouting! At this point, I could move it to a sunnier spot, remembering to keep the water topped up, and rotate it so the plants grow upright.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

Here’s how they looked ten days later! At this point, I was supposed to replant them into a bigger pot but I decided to leave it and see what would happen next, since it’s just clover.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

A couple of weeks later and we had crazy clover overload! I think I may have planted too many seeds but it looked really great. No sign of a four leaf clover though.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters Review

And what about the bunny? Well, it never sprouted at all. I even replanted with some different seeds and they didn’t grow either. I don’t think it was a problem with the planter – maybe it was too cold or the seeds were too old. I will try again in the spring with new soil and seeds (and leave them out on display until then so I don’t lose them again!)

what you sow

I’m happy I finally got to try these out and managed to grow something. Even if you’re hopeless with plants, these are very low effort so worth a try. They’d make a great office Secret Santa gift too as they’re perfect for desks.

Shippon & Chuppon Animal Planters

Sadly What You Sow have since closed their shop but you can find the Shippon & Chuppon animal planters at lots of sites including Amazon (USA / Shippon UK / Chuppon UK), Fred Aldous (UK) and Smoko (USA). There’s lots of animals to choose from including some newer ocean friends!

(Products were gifted for review but all words and photographs are my own.)

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