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What You Sow Review

Posted on October 21, 2015 by

Ages ago we featured some adorable self-watering animal planters on SCK and we’ve kept it touch with stockists What You Sow ever since. Owner Lyndsey sent me a box full of cute stuff to check out so let’s have a look.

what you sow

I was pretty excited to finally get my hands on a Shippon and Chuppon. The Shippon hangs on to the inside edge of the included plastic cup and waters the plant in its backpack using its tail. The Chuppon is a newer version and hangs outside the cup, sucking up water through a straw.

what you sow

Each comes in 3 different varieties of animals and plants for just £9.95 each. I got a dog with clover plant and a bunny with wild strawberry and they’re made from ceramic with the cutest little faces! Because they only have a little bit of earth and can water themselves from almost any cup, these are great for office desks and the most useless of gardeners. I’m desperate to try mine out, but it’s been so cold here, I don’t want to risk it. I’ll be sure to post an update when I start growing! (This eventually happened in 2019!)

what you sow

I initially just thought this was a cute figurine, but no, it’s a Flowering fortune lucky cat! Inside is a fortune and also a piece of paper embedded with seeds that you can plant. It comes in a few Japanese designs including a daruma and koi fish and at £3.95 would make such a cute little good luck gift for a friend.

what you sow

I love mint and now I can try growing my own inside a ceramic welly boot! The Rainy day garden kit comes with everything you need to get growing and would look super cute sitting on a kitchen windowsill ready for cooking with. There are a few more varieties available too, so you could also be growing Basil and Chamomile.

what you sow

Also included in my box was a sweet Fair Trade crocheted Garden helpers ladybird keyring, Sprout bookmarks and a Fungi letter set by Kate Broughton. Everything was packaged up really well and arrived in perfect condition.

What You Sow has a great selection of gifts for any gardeners you know, as well as kawaii fans who want to add a little greenery to their home in the cutest way possible. There’s a good range of prices with lots of affordable items and indie designers to choose from and international shipping is available.

Updated 2020: This shop is now closed – use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead.

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  • Reply
    Blue Eyed Night Owl
    October 21, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    Oh, my goodness! What an amazing shop:) I’m absolutely smitten with those self-watering planters! And I love that they do a charity thing for Black Friday too.

  • Reply
    Nancy Chay
    November 7, 2015 at 8:56 am

    I’d really like to see updates on how your shippon and chuppon grow! Then I might get some too :)

  • Reply
    November 8, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I will definitely do a follow up to let you know how everything grows in the Spring!

  • Reply
    May 10, 2019 at 2:35 am

    so did the fortune flower grow anything?

    • Reply
      May 14, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      I famously put them all ‘somewhere safe’ until spring and have never been able to find them again! I’ve turned my flat inside out and I still have no idea what happened. So frustrating!

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