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The Last Tamagotchi we discussed on Super Cute Kawaii was the Sanrio Mix. In the meantime a successor – known as Tamagotchi Meets – has been released in Japan. It has got a lot of the same features as the Mix, with the addition of twins and pets. But the best news is that the Tamagotchi Meets has been translated to English and was recently released as the Tamagotchi On.

Tamagotchi On review

The Tamagotchi On comes in four colors: fairy pink & blue and magical green & purple. The title means that they’ve got one different location; either Fairy Land or Magical Land. Other than that, the gameplay is the same for all versions. I was able to grab a fairy pink Tamagotchi On, and would like to share my first impressions with you.

Tamagotchi On review

This Tamagotchi has got many familiar functions, such as eating, pooping, sleeping and the occasional illness. Just like other recent versions it also comes with a shop, where you get to spend your hard earned gotchi points. Some of the items or accessories might be a favorite of your Tamagotchi, making it extra happy.

The same principle applies to food. For instance I fed my Kuromametchi his favorite food (rice omelet) three times, which turned him into a golden edition. That’s why my current tama-children are still shiny ^_^

Tamagotchi On review

I really enjoy all the cute animations and the fact that I’m able to read the text on this Tamagotchi. Especially when you meet up with other characters in the park, they might want to start up a whole conversation. Which reminds me a bit of Animal Crossing.

Tamagotchi On review

Another thing that makes this Tamagotchi fun is the ability to unlock new locations. These extra locations bring new parks, shops and games with them. One of my favorite games is the sushi bar in Food Town.

But possibly the best feature is being able to get married. Because you can mix your Tamagotchi with other ones, this gives you many possible outcomes. I read somewhere that there are over a 1,000 different characters. You might even get Sanrio genes.

Tamagotchi On review

Tamagotchi On App

You can download a Tamagotchi On app for iOs or Android. If you live outside of the USA it’s a bit more tricky to install the app, but this guide will help you out. For now you can mainly visit the park. Here you can meet new Tamagotchi characters or add (online) friends. There’s one game where you get to earn points or items by catching fruit.

Tamagotchi On review

And the app is also where you get to propose or accept proposals from friends. That’s how I got my current cute characters.

Tamagotchi Community

As I’m still learning how to use this Tamagotchi, both Tamatalk and the Facebook group Tamagotchi Collectors are of great help. Thanks to a kind Tamagotchi Collectors member, I was able to buy my Tamagotchi On in the first place.

Where To Buy the Tamagotchi On

Tamagotchi On review

I got my Tamagotchi (in the Netherlands) through Amazon USA. Now a word of caution here. So far Amazon have been shipping the Tamagotchi On in a simple padded envelope. Many people have received a damaged package or even a scratched device as a result. Amazon is looking into this, so hopefully they’ll fix it soon. I’ve heard that Target does a better job at packing their Tamagotchi orders.

I got lucky as my box arrived with only some minor dents. To be honest I think that the build quality of my Tamagotchi On could have been a bit better. It has got one dead pixel and the shell isn’t properly glued on to the screen at one side. But when playing the Tamagotchi this doesn’t really bother me.

Do you have a Tamagotchi On, or would you like to get one? Please let us know in the comments ^_^

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