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Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

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Stickii Club is a monthly sticker pack that arrives directly in your mailbox, shipped worldwide from the United States. Stickii stands for Stickers + Kawaii and was founded by Rita Jiang. She grew up in Asia, where her passion for stickers and stationery was born. Stickii kindly sent me one of their sticker packs to review.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

The stickers arrived in an envelope adorned with nice stamps from the USA. They come in a clear Stickii storage insert, with several handy pockets. You can stick the triangular theme sticker in the corner, to make identifying easier. The inserts can be collected in any A5 6-hole binder, or just use the binder rings that come with the newer packs.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

Cute, retro or pop sticker pack of your choice

Stickii club has three sticker styles for you to choose from: Cute, Retro, and Pop. Each month they curate a themed pack of stickers for the specific style you’ve chosen. The retro pack contains more vintage and natural style stickers, while the pop pack has more offbeat and colorful stickers. For Super Cute Kawaii I thought it would be nice to review the cute pack, with a pastel and kawaii style.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

Included in each sticker pack are 6+ stickers sheets, a bag of sticker flakes and one or two small stationery items (such as sticky notes or a paperclip).

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

The theme for this Stickii pack is Beach Bear Picnic. It contains a whole bear family enjoying summer, including this cute polar bear paperclip.

Cute bear flake stickers and tiny sticker sheets

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

The flake sticker bag contained about 24 stickers, with sunbathing polar bears in 8 different poses. These are my favorite stickers of the whole pack, just look at them ^_^.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

These small sticker sheets were hidden inside the small front pockets of the Stickii file. They are a little glossy and perfect for a summer journal spread.

Large summer theme sticker sheets

My package came with 5 large sticker sheets of different materials, all with a fun and sunny theme.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

To be honest I’m not really sure what to stick puffy stickers onto. I do like them, but I just never find myself using them. Other than that, these epoxy shell stickers are very nice, with pastel colours and golden details.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review
Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

Look at that! More polars bears enjoying summer. I’m especially fond of the clear sticker sheet with travelling bears who even try a Hawaiian dance.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

The fourth large sticker sheets also a contained cute polar bears, adorned with red and golden details. I can certainly put these to good use.

Stickii Club Kawaii Sticker Pack Review

On the last sheet a somewhat grumpy bear rocks all kinds of outfits. These quirky stickers are made out of kraft paper.


A Stickii pack costs $10 a month + shipping (USA $1, Canada $1.75, International $2.50). This brings each item to a little over $1, which I think is a fair price. A subscription will automatically renew on the 28th of every month and you can cancel it anytime. Past packs are available for $13.99, until they sell out, or you can browse the shop for loose sticker sheets and unique stationery, made by Stickii and independent artists.

(Sticker pack was gifted by Stickii Club for review but all words and photos are my own.)

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