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Kawaii Journaling Challenges

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If you are into journaling, I can recommend joining the Facebook group Kawaii Journaling & Stationery Lovers Club by Rainbowholic. Members share stationery shopping tips and post pictures of their journal pages, which is very inspiring. There’s also a journaling challenge, which takes place about 4 times a year.

Kawaii Journaling & Stationery Lovers Club

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

The latest challenge is all about summer and runs from July till September. Kawaii Journaling group members Pamela and Dominique came up with 16 prompts. You can pick 8 prompts to journal about.

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

These ideas really helped me to fill more pages in my journal. I use a small (A6 size) journal and especially enjoy making a layout filled with kawaii stickers and notes. Sometimes I write a lot and sometimes very little. The pages you see here are mostly before I’ve written on them.

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

The theme for ‘Dream Vacation’ that I picked is a sunny beach vacation, preferably on a deserted Island ;) Of course Korilakkuma also deserved a spot.

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

The second prompt I wanted to try was ‘Favorite Summer-themed Washi Tapes’. A friend recently gifted me a lot of MT washi, so this was a great excuse to use them.

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

When sharing your journal spreads from the challenges you can use a hashtag, in this case #SummerKawaiiJournalingChallenge2019 It’s very nice to see what other people made, especially because no two pages look the same. For instance this is the cute washi spread that member Pixie Bowles made:

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge
Photo by Pixie Bowles

Speaking of Pokemon, I couldn’t resist to make a page about my ‘Favorite Water Pokemon’. Can you guess which one it is?

Summer Kawaii Journaling Challenge

You can keep an eye out on the Kawaii Journaling group, or on Kaila’s Patreon page for future challenges. There’s still time left to join in with the Summer Challenge as well ^_^

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