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Cute Summer Drinks To Wear

Posted on August 19, 2019 by

It’s actually been really warm in Scotland this summer (though also very rainy) so I’ve been thinking a lot about nice cold summer drinks. If you prefer your drinks kawaii and wearable, here’s some fun drinks you can wear.

Peachy Cafe kawaii enamel pins

Tasty Peach Studios (USA) have a Peachy Cafe themed Kickstarter running at the moment including 3 adorable drinks featuring their original characters. It’s already completely funded but there’s a couple of weeks left to grab your favourites. I can’t decide between the unicorn Meowchi milkshake and the Zombie Alpaca melon soda float.

banana milk kawaii bags

Carry some milk everywhere you go with these fun milk bags from Kawaii Berry (USA/China). The banana milk is so colourful but you can also get strawberry, chocolate and original.

kitty pop drink kawaii tshirt

Kitty Pop also comes in a few flavours including pineapple, melon and strawberry. This cute design is printed on t-shirts and blankets by Dragonfoxx Studios (USA).

bear apple juice kawaii enamel pin

Prefer bears to cats? Pawful Of Sprinkles (Australia) has a whole series of Bashful Bear drinks enamel pins. They’re available individually or as a full set packaged inside a fridge!

peach milk kawaii patch

A sweet peach milk carton patch for your bag or jacket from Peachy Villager (UK) who also have some really cute Animal Crossing-inspired patches.

What are your favourite summer drinks?

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