New Pusheen: Dinosheen & Squisheen!

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You can always rely on Pusheen to be doing something cute and she has two super fun new collections out now. These are all available from Pusheen’s official US store and I’ve included some international shops at the end.

Kawaii Pusheen Dinosheen surprise plush

Dinosheen Surprise Plush

The newest blind box plushies feature Pusheen as a whole museum full of dinosaurs in cute pastel colours. I’m so in love with the Triceratops! For extra special fun, they’re even packaged inside a plastic dino egg. Any guesses for the mystery rare dino? We don’t even get a silhouette clue this time.

Kawaii Pusheen Pusheenosaurus plush

Pusheenosaurus Collection

What’s the difference between a Dinosheen and a Pusheenosaurus? I don’t know but they’re both equally cute. There’s a range of dino plushies to pick from including these mini pastel plush and big pillow sizes.

Pusheenosaurus tank

This unisex tank has a very cool colour scheme and loads of cute details – perfect for a trip to the jungle. It’s exclusive to The Pusheen Shop.

Pusheenosaurus slippers

I recently upgraded my Pusheen slippers to Pusheenicorns and I almost wish I had waited for these dino slippers because they’re so amazing.

Kawaii Pusheen Squisheen Plush


Last but not least, the squishiest Pusheens ever! These Squisheen plushies come in 6 different sizes and styles and are made from a stretchy fabric for extra squishy cuddles.

What’s on your wish list?

Where to buy official Pusheen products

Most of these sites also ship internationally but it’s worth checking a few for the most affordable shipping options and to avoid customs fees. Many have exclusive items too. If they don’t have the new collections yet, ask!

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    I love Pusheen and the new blind box are so cute! ^-^
    The Squisheen are so beautiful!

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