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Cute and Kawaii Postcards

Posted on March 5, 2019 by

Sending postcards is something that I still enjoy doing. It’s much more personal compared to digital messages, plus it offers some much needed off-screen time ;) I love to receive cute snail mail as well. Here are a few favourites of mine.

kawaii airmail postcard

This happy postcrossing card might bring a smile upon the receiver’s face. It’s made by Studio Schatkist from the Netherlands and you can order it abroad from PetitePinkBoutique.

kawaii postcards

Milkyprint makes the cutest postcards, you can find them online at Whale & Bird (UK). I’ve also spotted a selection of these cards in the Paperchase shop.

kawaii bears postcards

This sweet Big Bear Hug postcard from Studio Inktvis (EU) is an old favourite of mine. Do check out their shop for a larger selection of kawaii cards.

kawaii alpaca postcards

It’s always nice to receive an alpaca in the post, especially when it’s pink and fluffy like this card from PietenKees (EU).

kawaii panda cards

Noodoll (UK) is probably best known for plushies, but their characters also appear on cards. I’ve got one at home and it’s sturdy with a nice matching envelope. This Ricebamboo panda card would be hard to pass up.

kawaii ice cream cards

The cards from Asking For Trouble (UK) by Marceline are also of a very good quality and shipping in the UK is even free. How about a cute ice cream card to prepare for warmer days?

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