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SCK Tries is a new series where we’ll try out cute tutorials to see how doable they are. Secretly I hope one of us can share a funny ‘Pinterest Fail’ with you one day ;) But for now I started with a simple DIY, that I’m sure everyone can do.

The original DIY

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I had seen origami bookmarks before, but never tried to make them. I was browsing the Sostrene Grene website (to check out their new stationery) and noticed that they made a kawaii bookmark DIY. You can even download their free template, which comes in handy when you don’t have origami paper. The video above clearly explains how to fold the bookmarks.

DIY origami bookmarks materials

The materials and process

These are the tools and items that I used:

  • origami paper
  • coloured paper
  • black fineliner
  • glue
  • pair of scissors
  • round stickers and bow stickers

If you’ve got any coloured paper lying around, that would be enough to do make these bookmarks. This makes it an inexpensive DIY which is also quite simple to finish! Folding a bookmark took me about 2 minutes and decorating each one about 10-15 minutes. I first sketched the faces with pencil before finalising them with a fineliner. For the shark eyes I used a white Sakura Gelly roll, but you could also use white paper or stickers.

The end result

This is what the Sostrene Grene Bookmarks look like.

And these are the ones I made:

I think that the end result looks quite cute, and I’ll probably use them as an extra little gift for book lovers. Even if you have no experience with origami, this bookmark DIY is totally doable.

Will you try to make them as well? Share a photo with us on Instagram if you do!

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