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One of the answers a lot of you mentioned in our giveaway question was that you’d like to see more shops/products in your own country/region or that ship internationally. We already try to do this, but maybe it’s time for an update.

where to buy kawaii worldwide

SCK Post Updates

A lot of readers don’t seem to be aware that Super Cute Kawaii is based in the United Kingdom and we also have writers in the Netherlands (Natasja) and the USA (Kendy & Andi). We do a lot of online shopping ourselves and we know we have readers all over the world so we try to be as international as possible. We regularly feature shops from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia/NZ and more.

We are maybe not making that as clear as we could though so we’re starting to include more location and shipping information in posts. If it isn’t mentioned, they probably do ship worldwide.

Super Cute Shopping Guide

If you’re looking to save on shipping costs, check our shopping guide. It’s a huge list of online shops from all over the world, most of which also ship internationally. They all sell a range of different kawaii products, characters and brands like Sanrio, San-X & Pusheen so it’s worth checking them all out to see what’s available near you.

I’m hoping to add a separate guide for independent designers/makers next year (update: it’s online now!). You can also search on Etsy and then change the Shop Location filter to only show shops in your country or that ship to your country.

Buying From Japan

A few people also mentioned not knowing how to order from Japanese sites. It’s easier than you think! We have a full guide here with all the different options including forwarding services, Amazon Global, pre-order sites and more. Many seasonal and limited edition character goods are only available this way so it’s worth giving it a go.

International Shipping & Customs Fees

Don’t always assume that international shipping is going to be super expensive or that you’ll get hit by customs fees. Look for a shipping/delivery link on the site and find out.

If you’re in UK/Europe, I have found that customs fees are really only a problem when buying from shops based in the USA where international shipping is outrageously high and puts almost everything over the customs limit.

Orders from Japan & Asia rarely incur customs fees (clothing and electronics may get picked up) and will offer a few different shipping rates. Even the lower airmail rates are fast and reliable.

If you’re outside Europe, UK & EU stores often have very affordable and fast international shipping. Even if you live closer to the USA, it can be a much better option.

Got a question?

If there’s anything you’d like to know about buying from kawaii shops or international shipping, ask below. Or are there any other guides we should write that would be useful for you?

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