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Tepra Lite Label Printer: DIY Ideas With Washi Tape

Posted on September 11, 2018 by

Last month we introduced you to the Tepra Lite Label Printer, which has been kindly provided by Cute Delight. Today I‘m sharing some DIY projects that you can make with washi tape and this versatile printer.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Labeling Storage Items

Hands up if one of the first things you’d like to do is label everything in the room! Previously I used an embossing label maker from the 80’s. But this washi tape printer works so much better. It’s very useful for labelling jars and storage boxes. In the picture above I’ve used the Typewriter font with a cookie frame and candy icon. Although in real life I have got a secret chocolate stash ;)

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

I also find the printer great for labelling files and magazine cassettes in my home-office. For instance I printed the number icons ‘20’ and ‘18’ vertically on the mizutama mix tape. I think the colours went nicely with my somewhat boring business file.

Labeling books or notebooks would also be a nice idea, especially if you are going back to school.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Making Cake or Snack Toppers

Wrap the printed tape around a cocktail stick and cut out a triangle at the end. That’s it! Now you’ve got a tiny flag to decorate a cupcake or snack with. Before printing, you could enter about 7 spaces at the end so you have enough tape to cover the back. Or you can place a bit of paper behind the tape.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Personalizing Gifts in a Cute Way

No wrapping paper or gift box has been safe since the Tepra Lite Printer entered my home. It’s so much fun to make personal labels. You can use a little ribbon to make the gift extra cute. The gift box in this picture has a texture, so I used a bit of adhesive tape to make sure that the Tepra tape stayed stuck to it.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Making Labeled Washi Tabs

Washi tabs are a simple way to quickly access certain pages. For my journal I like to label all the months by number. But you could also label special pages or memories. I used the vertical orientation and entered 4-5 spaces at the end.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

To make the tab you simple stick the tape to the end of the page and fold it back on itself. This way the print of the tab covers both sides and it’s no longer sticky.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Planning or Journaling

As you can see, I’m a bit behind in my Bullet Journal, but I did decorate a monthly spread with the tape. You could also label the days of the week with the Tepra washi tape. Or print out your special appointments on the tape, to make them stand out.

Tepra Label Printer - washi tape DIYs

Enhancing or Personalising Cards

The label printer comes in very handy for making cards and scrapbooking. If you are in a hurry, you could place a name label on a store-bought card. This way it will get a personal touch. And if you’d like to create your own cards, there are several ways to include the labels in a design. Feel free to copy the handmade card from the picture above, the plane is from Freepik.

King Jim Tepra Lite Label Tape Printer Review

Using the Tepra Lite Label Printer

To be honest, I did not know how much I would really use the Tepra Lite Label Printer, but I can honestly say that I find myself reaching for it quite often. Mostly for labelling gifts and for creative projects. It’s easy to use and the tapes can be switched quickly, so I am very pleased with it. The only downside is that if you print multiple labels, you really have to check the settings for each one of them. Otherwise you might end up with a frame or font-size that you did not want.

Get 10% off the Tepra Lite Label Printer and tapes

At Cute Delight the Tepra Lite Label Printer is available for £55 ($70) and the kawaii Coharu washi tapes are £5 ($6.50) each. SCK readers can use the code SCK10 to get 10% off any order at Cute Delight.

If it’s out of stock, we have a new guide with a range of different label printers, thermal printers and portable printers.

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