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Cute Papercraft Matchbox Dioramas

Posted on September 18, 2018 by

Lately I stumbled upon a world of tiny papercraft, fitting inside a matchbox. I think that this concept is so cute. You can either purchase these handmade dioramas or craft them yourself.

Kawaii Papercraft Matchbox Diorama - Llama

This handmade matchbox llama by Pamela Loops is a nice reminder of how super you are. You can keep it to yourself or send to a friend. The matchbox diorama will look cute on a wall, but I think you could also bring it with you.

Kawaii Papercraft Matchbox Diorama - Pokemon

Milkbun posted about this Pokemon Patisserie on Instagram and that’s how I found out about matchbox dioramas. Doesn’t it look super cute? You can make this diorama yourself with the printable PDF or buy the printed Pokemon Patisserie.

Kawaii Papercraft Matchbox Diorama - sloth

Next up is this cute sloth in a small matchbox diorama by Fishes Make Wishes Home. Take this pocket jungle friend with you to bring you cheer.

Kawaii Papercraft Matchbox Diorama - sumikko gurashi

This paper theater with Sumikko Gurashi looks like a fun craft to make. The theater consists out of several layers, giving it a nice depth. You can also craft a paper supermarket full of Sumikko Gurashi characters.

Kawaii Papercraft Matchbox Diorama - unicorn

Kim’s Little Monsters has a whole range of Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes. You can’t really go wrong with a unicorn displaying a positive message. This matchbox diorama should bring you good luck, right?

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